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Monday, April 4, 2016

Vintage Style Slips Made in Portland Oregon! Why a Slip? Thought You'd Never Ask!

Oh slips. We love them SO much here at Folly! 

*But why? Aren't slips hot, fussy, and uncomfortable?*
Answer? NO. WAY.

Our slips are made from slinky, stretchy, light, breathable nylon milled in the USA.
They are machine washable
I prefer to use a laundry bag and cold water to prolong the life of mine.

We also use only the softest, prettiest lace. No irritation even if you have sensitive skin. And I do!

Left: The Classic Ava Slip in Black ($68) 
Right: The Erin Slip with Adjustable Straps ($74) 

And...they are incredibly well priced, ranging from $68-$74
That's a steal considering the fabric is milled in the USA, we cut each piece of fabric by hand, 
and they are sewn in store! Yup. From start to finish a completely ethical, USA made product. 

Here is a little picture of Ying sewing while Sarah looks at fabric for bridesmaid's dresses!

*But WHY is that important?*
Well Folly Girl, I'll tell you! 
Made in the USA means each and every worker along the way is paid a fair living wage
That means us Folly Worker Bees are paid fairly too!

By buying a product made in our shop, you are supporting a small business!

*What does that REALLY mean?*
Well, it means that I go home and feed my dog with food that I buy at a small, local pet shop! And then I go to YOUR favorite tiny neighborhood coffee shop and get my morning cup o' joe! And, well, that means these places get to stick around
Running a business is hard work and costs a lot of money!

Thanks for all your LOVE and SUPPORT Folly Girl!

NW 16th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Monday-Saturday 11-6; Sunday 12-5

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