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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Darling Dresses and Gorgeous Gifts!

There is nothing like a beautiful dress in this gloomy weather. The best pick me up is to feel confident and well dressed- Seriously! Don't under estimate the power of a great outfit!

The Mariah is a new style by Sarah Bibb. It skims the body beautifully, has an adjustable strap on the back of your waist to cinch you in just right, and super fun bell sleeves! I love this fabric, don't you? 
Black and Ivory are such a classic combo.

Looking for a pop of color? The grey and rainy season is the perfect time to make your outfit really pop! This is when we should all be covering ourselves head to toe in bright and beautiful colors. The Sarah dress is great for dress up and work too! Want to make her a little more casual? Try some leggings and flat boots. Easy. Now you're good to go for work!

Need the perfect pairing for your favorite dress? Whether it's sheer and needs an extra layer, or if you just need a little help to get it to stop sticking to your tights- a slip is the way to go! Our slips are not only beautiful, but functional, comfortable, and easy to care for too. You'll be asking yourself "What was I doing all these years?!" once you get your hands on a Sarah Bibb Slip. They make lovely gifts too!
The Classic Ava is a slim cut that works on most. Hip hugging and about mid-thigh length, the Ava is sure to fit under every dress you have. Comes in Black and Ivory with multiple lace choices! S, M, L.

Need something a little different? The Erin Slip is our other favorite option. A bit more of an a-line skirt that will hit you a few inches above the knee, with a defined cup and adjustable straps. The Erin works better if you are a little bit taller or curvier and prefer more room through the hips! 
Also in Black and Ivory S, M, L, XL

It's the perfect time to start making lists for the Holidays! Gifts galore!
We have lots of lovely options at all price points with more to come.
Here are my picks for this week:

Fingerless Gloves are always a great gift! Easy, cute, and everyone loves them! 

If your giftee is a colorful one, try these! Plush and cozy in great bright and happy colors.

I'm loving these pom pom hats too! Whoever gets this as a gift will be SO happy to have this cute and cozy hat on a snow day! The perfect winter treat! 

We have soooo much more too! 
Be sure to check out our Accessories Section online for pages and pages of cute and easy gifts.


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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Treat Yourself! Cold Weather is Here. Don't Miss Out on Your New Favorite Cozy Things!

October is here and the holidays are just around the corner! Time flies. Yesterday as I was leaving the shop, Sarah and I remarked at just how dark it was already! Full on dusk at 6:30 PM. Sigh. Goodbye summer! 
I seek solace in fleecy PJ's and cozy cashmere. (And probably way too many cups of hot apple cider.)

Before you get all caught up in holiday madness, don't forget to treat YOURSELF to a little something. 
You deserve it!

This Tunic!!! The perfect cozy up. Gorgeous navy mouline wool. 
Beautiful detailing. Seriously. You HAVE to click through and see the detail shots. Dreamy!

While we're talking about lovely wool essentials, check out this top by Sarah Bibb!
A perfect basic. Great for layering or not! A wide, fittest wrist cuff and extra long sleeves are perfect if you're tall or small! The sleeves sit perfectly on your wrist. easy through the body. A wool blend t-shirt! You will wear this more than anything else in your wardrobe when the days are short and cold!

Seriously my favorite thing in the store right now! Oh I have hearts in my eyes! The softest thing you've ever had on your body. Fuzzy. Warm. And adorable! A bunny print with little fox shadows! Could it be any cuter? Yes. But only when wearing matching ATF sweat pants! Oh and Made in LA! Because who doesn't love supporting American made products and workers getting paid real wages?!

Here they are! The perfect sweatpants. Cute enough to wear out and about!

Have you been working SO hard all year? Have you been running around taking care of the little ones constantly? Do you deserve something extra special? Yes. To all those questions! 
This gorgeous heavy weight cashmere wrap is basically your own personal blanket! wrap her around you in front of the fire...You'll be so glad you have this if there's a snow day this winter!

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Monday-Saturday 11-6; Sunday 12-5

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Your Cold Weather Wardrobe! Sweaters and Jeans Galore!

Cozy and cute! This basic crew sweater will get you through those cold days, 
and what a treat to have such lovely cashmere on your body! 

If you're needing less basics and more on trend statement pieces, try this two-fer.
Shirt tail chiffon hem and cozy open knit. Cute with skinny jeans or a heavy weight legging for sure!

A personal fave of mine! Super skinny hi-rise jeans. My go to all year round! Hi rises are more comfy for me, not having a waistband dig into your hips is A+! I love a classic dark wash. Goes with everything!

If you're in the mood for something a little different, a colored jean is the way to go. Just as easy to wear as a classic denim, a colored jean is a fun way to add a big pop and not feel like you're wearing the same old blue jeans every day! This brick red looks great with all warm and neutral colors.

And if you want a treat just for you...Try this cashmere hoodie! It's OMG soft, has pockets, and it's cute too! No more beat up college hoodie. Wear this tot he movies instead!

We've got all this and lots more to complete your fall look! Stop by soon!

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