Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Folly on NE Fremont!

 Wow. I am loooooving NE Fremont Street and the amazing community of Beaumont Village!

Everyone has been so welcoming and cheerful about folly joining the street and it feels great! I am so happy to meet everyone and excited to dress a lot of new lovely people!

Come see me soon! Spring is an exciting time to fluff your existing wardrobe with some colorful new pieces. Plus, did you hear 2022 has the most weddings scheduled since 1984!?!  It makes me wonder what was going on in 1984! Anyway, are you invited to any weddings?  You know we love making dresses that are comfortable but also super festive and wedding season is a funzone season at folly! We are making new things everyday and I'm doing the best I can to get things online but for the first time in years I have to admit I am behind in this endeavor. I hope you can make it into the beautiful new shop and see everything we have to offer! Plus I love to see YOU! 

Make sure your friends know I have moved! 


4100 NE Fremont Street, Portland, Oregon 97212



Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Okay, wow! LOTS of BIG news to share!

 Blogging has fallen to the wayside and that's too bad since I have had a TON of things to share!

How can I catch you up and not bore you to tears? Well, I'll just start with the biggest news EVER!

Folly MOVED!!! 

Yes, here we are February 2022 and Folly has a new location.  My absolute dream space in Portland is now mine! I'm right on the corner of NE Fremont and 41st and it is gorgeous. 

Folly will be opening on 02-22-2022!! What? Is that the cutest most "folly" sort of day to open... and it's a Tuesday!  The hits keep coming. :) 

I have been closed and building the new store since the middle of January and I'm exhausted and anxious for everything to finally come together so I can get the doors open and see my favorite #follygirls again and meet all the new people in this fantastic neighborhood! 

It's exciting and I guess everything else that happened in between my last post and this one sort of pales in comparison!

Can't wait to see you soon. 

oxox. Sarah

We added a peep hole in the new wall so you can see what's happening in production! It's so cute!
Left: me on key day 2008 in front of OG folly in NW Portland!
Right: me on key day of folly 2.0 in NE Portland!

I love making beautiful clothing you love to wear! Let's show NE Portland some funzone folly flair!
I can't wait to dress you again soon. 
xoxo. Sarah 

4100 NE Fremont Street
Portland, Oregon 97212

opening 2/22/22
Tuesday - Saturday 10:00-6:00

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Look at this cute painting of folly and gift guide part 2

Really loving this beautiful painting of the folly storefront by Portland artist, Jenna Lechner. I think she perfectly captured the essence of folly! I found the perfect spot to hang this painting so next time you visit you can see it in person! 

I love making a festive holiday window and am really happy with how this one came out. It's hard to see all the special stuff of a window display from far away and I have learned it's much more about an overall vibe unless you are up close! I love the plaid in the background and all the cute presents. The center tree is on a turning platform but I swear it turns so slow that no one even notices! For someone not much into subtlety that tree is taunting me! hahah. 
The message is simple and sweet... GIVE GOOD GIFTS! I love to help you pick out gifts that I think have a very good chance of being well received. I love a useful gift, a cozy gift, a thoughtful gift!  And I listen to what people say about things all year so I do feel pretty qualified to give advice about all these goodies.
Everyday Cap $18 - this beanie is one of those funny things that everyone loves, Cashmere socks $38 always a great gift, Heart barrettes $18/pair cute lil stocking stuffer, Fingerless gloves $18 love and we sell out of these every year,  Cele earrings $68 I think these are so pretty on everyone
Cele necklace $68 if you like the earrings you will love the necklace too.. I don't recommend giving a set but the style is so cute. Biggie claw = awesome $22,  Skinny Bangles.. these are so good! mix and match a few sets and keep some, give some! sets of 7 for $45
This beautiful Dua Scarf is amazing... it is super light and airy viscose with a touch of cashmere and two prints that are both stunning $148, another great biggie claw $22, Pavi Earrings $48 these are also an absolute no-brainer for any style person!
Love the Thalia scarf $98 we have many different prints available and it is a perfect gift!

Shopping small this year is more important than ever before... do I say that every year? Maybe! But this year is truly special. As you know all small business have faced tremendous difficulties in 2020..... we pivot and pivot until we are dizzy! I am so incredibly grateful for my #follygirl community who show me so much love and support. I feel like folly will be fine and in the end I'm sure there will be parts that I will be grateful for but it is a lot of work. I love being a refuge from the world for my customers and feel really proud of the deep bonds I have formed with women all over the country.  

Every small biz has a website these days and I am simply encouraging you to visit them directly vs. shopping on amazon, etc... Don't be lured in by a glossy instagram ad that takes you to a mysterious website... visit a small business in your immediate community and buy something and then tell someone you did it! Sharing on instagram/fb, etc is free and does so much to encourage us to keep going.   

I love making clothing you love to wear year after year. I feel so proud of the production that we manage to pull off right here in the back of the shop.  I hope to be able to do this for a bit longer! 

xoxo. Sarah 

Always happy to wrap a present for you! I actually really love doing it. 

 detail from the window... so cute!
We make our infinity scarves every year too.. they are amazing and I save some favorite pieces of fabric all year so they can meet their final destination in a single loop infinity scarf $68 and those perfect skinny bangles! $45 for set of 7.


Friday, October 30, 2020

Gift Guide 2020

 Tis the Season... 2020 has been some kind of ride! I think most of us will be hunkering down for a quiet winter holiday season this year with less travel and fewer hugs from those we love. So maybe more than ever I want to give meaningful, special gifts. I've been thinking a lot about the kinds of gifts people seem to love and putting together visually pleasing combos and also trying to keep things easily shippable! Yes, I think about that too... of course! 

While a lot of you will be shopping online this year, more than ever say all reports, please keep in mind that all of your favorite small shops have websites and would be more than happy to help guide you to their best sellers for gifts.  Try and limit your impulsive Amazon purchases or god forbid, those Instagram Ads that look all shiny but the actual merchandise is totally questionable and arrives weeks later in a mysterious package from abroad! 

Folly is always a good gift stop because we pay close attention to what people want and always have some "no brainers" in mind... that equals gifts that never get returned and later people tell us how much they loved this or that! So let me guide you with this gift guide! We wrap everything super cute too!

Our Instagram is a great place to see all the latest arrivals and we have fun putting together little combos.@follypdx 


I love the look of lucite jewelry and think the simple round bangle makes a fun, statement gift $28, and of course the square dangle earring is extra fun for your friend who loves a big earring $30 & we have a bunch of cute French barrette sets most are around $16-$18/ pair.

Here are those awesome round bangles making another appearance because they really do go with everything $28,   how about a premium mask.. these are 4 layers, organic cotton against your face with a filter pocket and come in a million super special prints $30, add a matching purse $62! omg that is so cute and makes a fun gift set, I spy some cute heart barrettes because, yes, they are fun to add onto any gift $18.

Our new Thalia scarf is the lightest, airiest silk with a contrast trim all the way around $98, I've been enjoying the Cele Earrings a lot because they are sparkly and bright with various stones but they weigh nothing.. I love the way they move, shown in Emerald $68, and the Skinny Bangle Set of your dreams... these skinny leather cord bracelets come with either gold or silver plated bead and are super fun to mix-n-match. I love to get a few sets... mix them up and give as a gift ... you can have a miss-matched/matchy-matchy set with your bff! $45 for a set of 7.

And now for some CozyTime Business!
I don't know exactly what it is about the Everyday Cap but it is the perfect beanie... we have this every year and always sell out. Great color combos and unisex fit. $18

Another annual 'survive winter' favorite are these plush lil fingerless gloves. This year we have the teal and black and they are both so cute... get a pair, give a pair! $18

One of my personal tips for staying warm is adding these cute OTK socks! They are like "legwarmers with feet!" so cute and will stay up over your knee when you layer over tights or leggings.. or hey, perfect cozy house socks! Stay cozy $28

And of course we are still cranking out the cutest clothes in Portland! 
I love making clothing that you love to wear so keep us in mind 
when you need a treat or a "better basic"... we got you!

Coco tunic $128, Tasha Turtleneck $118 with Jane Jumper $188, Fiona Dress $235, Tasha Dress $178 with elastic belt $22. all are shown with the best Tummy Tuck Cropped Leggings $36

When you shop small you keep the money in your community and you are also making a real statement about building back the world the way you want it to look! 
This year has been full of challenges, that's obvious, but I have been so moved by the loyalty of so many #follygirls. I know that folly will make it through this time because of you!
Thank you for helping keep this dream, folly... truly my heart, alive!
xoxo. Sarah

Friday, May 15, 2020

folly goes to Washington D.C.!

Senator Merkley is busy standing up for the needs of Oregon and we are thrilled to be part of his plan to be safe and keep others safe around him.  Jeff Merkley purchased 3 cute masks from us which we made special for him in "Oregon-themes".  Here he is wearing 2... we are still waiting for a picture of the 3rd mask to show up. How cool is this??
Jeff Merkley is a superstar in the Senate! 

This was so exciting to me, I mean... I love that THIS is how I got to the Senate Floor! haha.

My mask protects you.
Your mask protects me. 

I love this and think it's one of our most basic social contracts to do what we can to protect those around us.  
Plus our masks are cute! 

                                          You can see all of our masks in sizes for HERE.  

We just added the Special Edition 4th of July masks. 

I am starting to take private shopping appointments. You can book appointments online.  The store is small and one at a time we can do better to ensure a "safe distance".  I  will take all precautions between customers.  I will offer you hand sanitzer upon entry and exit and ask that you wear a mask to your appointment .. I will wear one too!  I can pre-load a dressing room for you... guessing  you are coming in to try something specific on so please let us know! 

A lot of this will feel weird at first but I think we will find ways to adapt and the most important part is to stay healthy and safe. I want to minimize risk for both of us!

I really look forward to seeing you!
Let me know if you have any questions about a private shopping appointment!

folly just quietly turned 12... typically at this time I would be deep in prepping an anniversary sale but this year that is not happening. Our production has been moving very slowly to accommodate mask making and also because our online sales, while good, are not what they are in-store. So... I actually don't have enough merchandise to do our HUGE annual anniversary thing PLUS we can't host a gathering and ALSO time is moving at the weirdest pace for me too! So I am like.. WAIT, IT's MAY!!! Seriously, how has time become such a slippery scale to measure the passing of each day?! 

Anyway... so even though we are not SALE-ebrating for the first time in 12 years I want to say THANK YOU because none of this is possible without you, follygirl! I have felt privileged
to dress you for a dozen years. Thank you Thank you Thank you for keeping us alive and I look forward to many more opportunities in the future to help you find your next "favorite" dress! 

xoox. Sarah

P.S. here are a few of my current favorite things in the shop!

I finally added a HAIR section online and will continue to update it because EVERYONE LOVES French barrettes!

The COCO Tunic is pretty much made for Shelter in Place or Work from Home! She's super comfortable but won't embarrass you if you grab a mask and head to Trader Joe's or have to take a Zoomcall! Come on... it's not hard to look cute and be comfortable! 

 The Tez Dress is a summertime fan favorite that we try to make every year... why? she's breezy, and cute! Lightweight, front slit... that sleeve is so fluttery-cute and she is an easy fit. you can belt her for extra cuteness but really, who has time to worry about that right now?! Tez is perfect with a flip-flop, sneaker or a wedge. She will be your favorite HOT DAY dress, for sure! We have these two prints now and will be adding more since this will be the summer of easy clothes... no doubt! Also, I can make your size is it is out of stock, just reach out! Like I said, we are trying to do really small productions of items because I have no clue how many will sell online vs in the store when I sort of know! ;). Thank you for your patience!

I finally added a HAIR section online and will continue to update it because EVERYONE LOVES French barrettes!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

MASKS! Yes, we have masks... thanks for asking!

WOW. Okay, let's play catchup really fast.
MASKS are so important and we have two styles at the moment to offer you.

let's get to the masks.

our most popular option is the mask made by our number 1 seamstress, Ying.  Right away she knew that masks were going to be important. I remember saying to her, "we can TRY them out but I am not sure anyone will want a mask." Gosh, how wrong I was!
We are selling these cuties as fast as she can sew them and they are awesome.
Her mask is superior to your usual mask... why? It has 4 layers (most masks are only 2) and the interior layer is organic cotton. It has a pocket to add a filter and elastic ear loops that you can adjust to tighten for a good fit. And of course, Ying picks the cutest prints that we rotate every 10 days.
You need a mask. You need more than one... really two would be the minimum so you always have one clean and ready to go.  
I think it is helpful to have different prints per each member of your household so it is very easy to tell who the mask belongs to at a glance.  The adult size is perfect for men and women and she also makes a "youth" size that is good for about 4-10 years old.

Here are some of my favorite prints and a link to the listing online. Let me know if you have any questions about this mask!

We also make a traditional pleated, surgical style mask. These we are offering these in packs of 5 assorted black prints.  I guess we will do this until we run out of cute black cotton! 
These masks are 2 layers, with a filter pocket and they tie behind your head which seems nice for extended wear or if you wear glasses or perhaps your ears are sensitive to then ear loops.  
These masks are available in one size which is great for adult faces. 

With all masks please remember that they are an additional tool for safety and cannot replace common sense and are best coupled with other precautions like Social Distancing, Staying Home when you are sick, washing your hands with soap and hot water and generally avoiding touching your face!  
Be safe. 

How we got started with masks is sort of interesting... I was home one day not long after deciding to close the store temporarily .. not an easy decision but every place in Portland got on board pretty quickly so it seemed clear it was the right thing to do. Anyway, I got a call from an old friend asking if I could make masks for her husbands business. He worked as a manager at a vitamin factory and they were an "essential" business so staying open. The workers used disposable surgical masks while working but it was immediately clear that hospitals were in need of all available masks so he asked if we could make washable masks for the employees to wear at work! I took him up right away because I was so scared about closing the store and also really wanted to provide some income to my two seamstresses. We agreed to make 1300 masks! It was such a massive undertaking for our tiny production team but it felt good to be helping hospitals get much needed masks and also it was at least some rent money for everyone on my team. 

Here are some pix from this big project. 

this was the first batch we shipped.. 580 masks! we used materials on hand and got feedback that the workers thought it was fun to have all the cute prints and happy colors! 

Whatever it takes, right?  
It was so valuable and such a learning experience about mass production. I had never taken on anything that big and the learning curve was kind of steep for me, to be honest. Meanwhile, in the middle of this project we started making and selling so many masks to our customers that our work load went from Zero to 100 overnight and it was actually pretty taxing to get it all done. No regrets! But things changed so fast from day to day in the first few weeks of Shelter in Place.  

I am so grateful that we were able to pivot so quickly. It gave me something really good and positive to focus on and got me to the next step.  

I love all my follygirls and feel special that I can still be here making clothing in 2020! I knew it was going to be a crazy year but definitely didn't think it was going to be like THIS! 

I love you. 
Stay safe. 
xoox. Sarah

Folly on NE Fremont!

 Wow. I am loooooving NE Fremont Street and the amazing community of Beaumont Village! Everyone has been so welcoming and cheerful about fol...