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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 2013 - so much to love. so much made in USA!

tickle top by Cameo - made in USA love this lace detail
FOLLY 1005 nw 16th avenue, portland, oregon 97209

tues-sat 11-6 & sun 12-5

more than half of FOLLY is made in USA!
and about half of that is made right here in PDX!!
we are so proud to support local designers and smaller west coast companies that choose to produce their garments in the states!


perfect cowl top - the JENNI by Sarah Bibb made in PDX

lovely seafoam pleated dress by Greylin

super cozy sweatshirt from FLUXUS made in USA

silk dress from Greylin.. cute shoulder detail

everyone's favorite, the Amanda Dress by Sarah Bibb with OBI belt - this is my choice for favorite OBI this season.  made in PDX

super romantic maxi dress from Greylin....  going to a beach wedding?

tickle top dress by Cameo...  it's so cute!! made in USA dig those rose color tights by b.ella too! 

so many cute new things from CAMEO - our dear friend Elisa designs this line and produces ethically in LA. we love it! made in USA

a perfect pair! lace detail dress from Cameo & Sarah Bibb OBI belt - all made in USA

lovely lace detail dress from CAMEO with those rose colored tights from b.ella - best!

Best Dress from Cameo! love it.. of course! made in USA

soft and pretty top from Cameo - made in USA

FLUXUS always makes the coziest pcs! made in USA

silk pleated top from Covet

adorable pleated dress from Greylin.... garden party!?

the HYLA reversible wrap skirt by Sarah Bibb - made in PDX

Nombre feather print dress... made in USA

i love this! PDX designer Layers Squared summer jacket... so darn cute! made in PDX

oh man.. another great one from Layers Squared! made in PDX

Nombre feather print mini dress.. it has pockets!! made in USA

Megan Dress by Loco Lindo. these are classics.. appropriate for everything. so feminine and fun. Made in USA.  could you love those rose tights more? not me! we love them with everything!! 

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