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Thursday, April 24, 2014

This Week on Outfits of the Week...Pensive Plotting

Obviously things between the Manic Mannies and I have been rocky ever since I dropped Stella Number 1 a few weeks ago, which was totally an accident...or was it? Anyways...I probably shouldn't talk about the dropping of Stella anymore. Whenever it's brought up she comes up with new ways of punishing me.

Unamused face/my plotting against Stella face if she keeps on punishing me
The latest punishment happened when I bought my new Fifteen-Twenty Jumpsuit. I was sooooo happy with my new purchase. I frolicked all around Folly feeling super fresh and oddly tall for only being 5'2". I even had Kate try one on and we were jumpsuit twinsies for a day. I mean look at that face! That is the face of happiness. I was feeling good in my new outfit (which I will be living in)!

Me and Kate in our Jumpsuits by Fifteen-Twenty ($184)
UNTIL Stella rained on my parade. Stella out of sheer evilness, demanded me to dress Stella Number 4 in my exact same outfit. She also made me change! The nerve. If she had eyes I would've clawed them out! Needless to say I was not a happy camper with how things went down, but I still have the freshest jumpsuit this season! :)

Jumpsuit by Fifteen-Twenty ($184), necklace by Nicole Weldon Jewelry ($34) at Folly
Documented event of being forced to change Stella Number 4 into a Fifteen Twenty Jumpsuit  ($184) and necklace by Nicole Weldon Jewelry ($34)


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