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Friday, January 31, 2014

Field Trip to Folly

A week ago we received a phone call at the boutique that caused a bit of confusion. I answered the phone with a pleasant "Folly, this is Laura." Only to be answered by a voice of a child asking to speak with Sarah. I of course thought it was a child of someone Sarah knew, but I was incorrect. It was a first grade student from Childpeace Montessori School asking Sarah if she could visit the boutique and studio to learn about the business and how clothes are made. We were elated by the request and after confirming with a few adults Sarah set a date and time…which happens to be today. :) 

At around 1:15PM the doorbell chimed and in walked Zucca and Tillie, two adorable first graders. At first they were very shy so Sarah started to show them around the boutique. She showed them garments from her line and soon after the questions started... How do you design clothes? Do you have fun? Do you get breaks? I will show you more about the design process when we take a tour of the studio...I have a lot of fun. It's hard work, but it's worth it...Well, we don't really have a conventional work day, so we don't really get breaks. Breaks for us are the moments we get to tell jokes and have robot dance-offs (Sarah proceeded to wow them with her robot skills). 

After a few questions Sarah took the girls to the studio for a tour of where everything is made. While at the studio Sarah gave Tillie and Zucca a demo on how to use the sewing machines. The girls had plenty of questions about the design process, so Sarah showed them the pattern to one of her garments and explained how the magic happens. Then back to the boutique they went to see the finished product. After a few minutes of chatter time, the girls left and went back to their school day and Sarah and I were left to battle it out in yet another robot dance-off.

Thank you ladies for gracing us with your curious minds. We hope you come and visit us soon. 


Zucca getting a little shy before asking her questions and having Assistant Teacher Tommy helping out.

Tillie taking her turn to ask a question

Sarah showing the girls how to work the machines. 
Putting Tillie to work. :)

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