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Sunday, September 22, 2013

happy AUTUMN! look at all the cozy!

well.. it's officially here! Autumn. Fall. Our favorite season.  Fall in PDX is magical .. full of color and rainbows and patchy clouds and it's ALL ABOUT COZY! is there anything better than snuggling into your favorite layers... donning your favorite boots for the first time.... ahhh.. you know you love it!
at FOLLY you know we love cozy-cute and this year is stellar!
see you soon.
oh.. and you can shop some things  ONLINE ... don't hesitate to ask questions or if you see something here or on FB that you would like to purchase you can always email me: sarah@follypdx.com. i am more than happy to add it to the SHOP and ship to you! :) easy. easy.

FOLLY 1005 NW 16th AVE, Portland, OR 97209  503*954*1334

super cozy sweater from Bloom.. love the contrast detail

LOVE this cozy Henley Dress from CAMEO - made in USA

Adorable BUNNY Sweater from Kling! cropped and so cute over a dress!

lovely long sleeve from 3Dots.. sexy! made in USA

super cozy long sleeve dress from 3DOTS.. made in USA

oh Wilt! so cute!! made in USA

Wilt.. best. always.  made in USA

the Lauren Cardi from Sarah Bibb is so easy! made in USA

100% Cashmere .. classic V-Neck. YES!

100% Cashmere .. classic V-Neck. YES!

everyone loves the CYNTHIA from Sarah Bibb. made in Portland, Or

the JENNI from Sarah Bibb ... BEST work dress EVER.. made in Portland, OR

super super super soft denim from Level 99... oh yes! great colors and fit

oh boy.. this cardi jacket from Quinn is so goooood! big pockets. curl up!

so cute! dot shift dress from Kling with cute shoulder cut outs!

sexy long legs.. great trousers from Level 99 in black and grey!

so cute tapestry print dress.. and perfect blazer!

great leggings.. dare i say, BEST leggings! black, grey, wine, forest. all made in USA

so cute. flannel snap dress. made in Portland, OR

          another great Lauren Cardi by Sarah Bibb.. hey, that's me wearing it too! with or without OBI belt.   made in Portland, Oregon

cute raglan top from Cameo.. made in USA

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