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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


wow! august is already off with a bang!!  i received so many boxes today and it looks like FALL 2012 is actually going to happen ...  i don't want the weather to change but the new fall clothing is so soft and rich it makes it seem worth it!
here is the tip of the iceberg.
1005 nw 16th avenue, portland, oregon 97209

new from 3 Dots

new from 3 Dots

London Dress by Loco Lindo belted with Sarah Bibb OBI belt

London Dress by Loco Lindo = so cute even without the belt!

Jumper Dress by Loco Lindo

new Betty Dress by Ginger Lamb

super soft hoody from 3 Dots

gorgeous new WRAP dress by Loco Lindo

new WRAP Dress by Loco Lindo

WILT - this top is soooo soft, great drape!

WILT - here is the back

another good WILT top  - super light and sexy

here's the back WILT top

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