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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


today is wednesday... the eve of THURSDAY May 7th... are you coming to my one year anniversary party tomorrow night? i hope so... i'd like to raise a glass & have some cheer with you.
it's been such an amazing year here at FOLLY.
despite all the madness with the economy i couldn't be happier with the store and my work. when i look around my store i feel such satisfaction... really... this is everything i have wanted. but there is more, much more, to come at FOLLY. i need more time to really complete the vision but everyday it builds and grows and gets closer and closer to the magic i see in my head.
could we make the day 28 hours instead of 24? that would help!
anyway.. thank you for your support. buying locally made goods is good for us all.
xoxox. sarah

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